Part of the concrete slab has been poured surrounding the bookstore, and grading work continues. American elm trees have been planted along West Basin Drive. They each have their own below grade structure called “Silva cells”. These cells support the sidewalk that is installed above the trees’ roots and prevent the weight of pedestrians from compressing the roots and killing the trees. This is one of the first memorials on the National Mall to use these structures. All inscriptions have been engraved on the SW inscription wall and the John Stevens Shop is “painting” the letters of the NE wall with a Lithichrome, a type of fixitive that will protect the cut of the letters and enhance the readability of the quotes. The rough cut granite of the water feature near the east Mountain of Despair has been installed. The SW kidney is completely enclosed with granite curbs and the NE kidney is being planted with shrubs and plants. Dozens more cherry blossoms have been planted in the berms and at the edges of the Tidal Basin. Shrubs have been planted along the top of the inscription wall in both berms. The new chain link fence at the NE corner of the site has been shortened. A new sidewalk and grass have been installed.