With the arrival of spring, the level of work on site has picked up. Soil grading has begun around the bookstore in preparation for the concrete structural slab. Once the soil is evened out, the concrete slab will be poured and pavers and benches will be placed on top. All panels of the inscription wall have been set, and engraving crew, The John Stevens Shop, can be seen inscribing the last few quotes. Granite curb stones are being laid around the SW kidney, and both berms have been completely filled in with soil. Dozens of cherry blossom trees have been planted in the landscaped berms, and bloomed for the first time in their new home. In the forecourt, work has begun on the last planter at the main entrance to the memorial. In the farthest northeast corner of the site (bottom of the photo) the wooden fence surrounding the site has been replaced with chain link