The concrete slab around the bookstore has been completed, and the crews have begun to install pavers on top of the concrete slab. Cherry blossom trees have been planted in small planters around the bookstore plaza. Street lights and more elm trees have been installed along West Basin Drive. The John Stevens Shop has completed the engraving on each side of the Stone of Hope, and completed all the memorial titles located at three of the entrances. The rough cut granite has been installed next to the west Mountain of Despair. The light fixtures and glass covers have been installed in the ground under the east Inscription Wall. The NE kidney has been completely planted with shrubs, as has the NE area along the Tidal Basin. Planting has commenced in the SW kidney, and continues in the SW berm. Behind the trees along Independence Avenue, the new sidewalk has been completely poured. More parts of the wood fencing have been removed as completion of the memorial nears.